Chapter 1 – Stratification

The 2023 vintage is a journey through new codes. For this reason, the product presents a unique narrative, which develops within the space, proposing visions and exploring different issues, starting from monochromes. Color like matter. Color like idea. Color like journey. Color like dream. Pink. Sky blue. Yellow. Red. Green. Turquoise. Starting from them, we worked to depict them as iridescent, precious and magical surfaces, translated into the modern context, using a precise work of dedicated and daring weaving. The method and science to achieve the form, to enhance the dream.

The work that was carried out on the material was the amplification of stratification. This new intuition is depicted by the exaltation of the senses. We worked on opposites and extremes to enhance the final result, to find a balance of different visions, all concentric, aimed to achive perfect sensorial perception. This vision, synonymous of modern elegance and classic lightness, is counterbalanced by a dense and rich material texture, like the complementary and perfect geometric elements of modernist art. The precise work focused on a rich repertoire, organizing perceptions and emotions in a determined manner which lead with courage, precision and determination to clear, distinct, precise sensations and flavours, which are mixed together in a rich journey of memory. And it is the memory that we want to stimulate. The memory of emotions and travel. We worked by adding apparently different elements, sometimes maybe frivolous, scientifically linking them together to generate a new, precise and determined idea. The didactic details are related to a precise monochrome, whose color recalls an element of the moment experienced. And it is there in front of the essence of the product that we try to orient ourselves, alone, without aids. This approach makes us meditate and reminds us of specific ideas. It makes us reflect on the world and contemporary models to propose new collective imaginaries of nature and beauty. Measure. Perception. Imagination. Precisely in the moment of analysis, sudden glimpses open up through sensorial stratification. The persistent repetition of the elements harmonizes in an unexpected way. Inebriate. It retraces moments of life. It talks about the journey and the now. Memory. Senses. Imagination. Science. Travel.

Graziana Grassini, Davide Zoppi, Giuseppe Luciano Aieta

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