Our story

Two worlds meeting, north and south. And a love marriage that turned into love for the land, too. Antonio Zoppi, originally from Bonassola, and Aida Forgione, from Campania and a winemaker for generations, met more than thirty years ago. Antonio – an entrepreneur – and Aida – a merchant – decided to quit their jobs. Her name is a tribute to Verdi’s opera because of her grandfather, who was a musician at the San Carlo theatre in Naples, bringing a surge of art to the family.

In love with the place they chose as their home, the Ligurian Eastern coast, and precisely the village of Bonassola, Antonio and Aida became winemakers, putting their knowledge and passions to good use. Over the years they bought farmhouses and land in the surrounding area, including Cinque Terre, and began to plant vines, defying the slopes that make Ligurian viticulture heroic, and setting up dry stone walls, another typical local feature. And that’s how Cà du Ferrà was founded in 2000, a winery and holiday farm, whose name is a dialect expression meaning “blacksmith’s house” because this area, now cut through by rows of vines, is where horses were shoed in the past.

A few years ago the winery was joined by their son Davide, who abandoned the idea of becoming a magistrate after graduating in Law, embracing another civic commitment: the recovery of a territory – his own – being convinced that viticulture is the right way to enhance it. From his arrival to the release of the first labels and the organic certification of the vineyards, the step was short, and the same goes for the creation of a new Cellar, inaugurated in April 2018.

Davide together with his husband Giuseppe, whom he met in Milan in 2006, looks to the future with an eye to the past.

Together they successfully started the wine tourism business, consolidated the business in Italy and abroad, and embarked on many collaborations that attracted wide interest.

So the Cà du Ferrà family is complete!