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Bonazolae Colline di Levanto DOP Cà du Ferrà


Levanto Hills PDO White

The grapes from which this exquisite wine is produced ripen on the delightful slopes shaping Bonassola hills. Bosco variety vigor, Albarola sinew, along with Vermentino persuading notes, create a captivating blend of fruit and wild herbs scents, prelude to a mouth-filling, intense and satisfying taste. The sun, the wind, and the untamable stone characterize this Ligurian wine.

Luccicante Colline di Levanto DOP Cà du Ferrà


Levanto Hills PDO Vermentino

Juicy and tasty Vermentino, telling a story about sea breeze and Mediterranean scrub. A cultured and refined wine encapsulating the essence of a land that feeds on sunlight and sea. A hymn to the unshakable dedication of men firmly anchored to the earth by deep roots.

Magia di Rosa Liguria di Levante Rosato IGP Cà du Ferrà

Magia di Rosa

Eastern Liguria PGI Rosé

A rosé of rare elegance that seduces with its bright pale red.

The delicacy of the first wild strawberry, the freshness of a newly-bloomed bramble rose, for an immensely pleasant, subtle, taut, deep and satisfying palate that entices the drinker to take another sip.

It steals your soul like a soft spring sunset experienced from the heights of Bonassola.

Affinity between three grape varieties – Sangiovese, Vermentino Nero and Syrah – which complement each other creating a magical sensory alchemy.

'Ngilù Colline di Levanto Rosso DOP Cà du Ferrà


Levanto Hills PDO Red

A taut and juicy red, born of the idea of sailing on the sea, offspring of the traditional grape varieties of the upper Mediterranean.

Hints of small red fruits, satisfying drinking experience for a wine with an ancient and noble soul. It elevates the spirit when drunk, as our grandparents used to do, while having lunch in the vineyards, sitting on a rock looking at the sea and listening to the wind.

L'Intraprendente Liguria di Levante Passito IGP Cà du Ferrà


Eastern Liguria PGI White Passito

Knowing how to wait for the best time. The right ripeness of the grapes, proper drying, due aging. Fascinating aromas of dried fruit, wild herbs, and iodine; mouth-filling, gently sweet, and seductive. Grace, elegance, depth.

The gentle awakening of the senses in an endless play of emotions.

Diciassettemaggio Ruzzese Liguria di Levante Passito IGP Cà du Ferrà



Eastern Liguria PGI White Passito

Past and present come together in this unique passito wine.

A fragrant wine with an evocative and poetic sip.

Prolonged drying of the grapes has amplified the noble drinkability.

The unique set of fragrances satisfy the sense of smell, then join in the mouth in perfect harmony, stimulating all the senses.

Sip after sip all the characteristics of this ancient grape variety are meshed together in an endless progression, recalling past flavors, told in a contemporary language.