The Oenologist


Graziana Grassini

Tuscan business woman, oenologist and biologist, is considered one of the most prominent personalities in the wine sector. After becoming an enologist in 1991, she has worked with Giacomo Tachis, the acclaimed father of modern Italian enology, from whom she learned technical and humanistic know-hows. She then developed a cross-disciplinary background by pursuing further academic studies at the Faculty of Enology in Bordeaux and mastering her scientific skills.

She is an esteemed Enology Consultant for prestigious wineries across the national territory, she holds teaching courses at Universities Master’s degree programs and seminars, she has worked with the Sicilian Regional Institute of Wine and Olive Oil for major projects, and she hold the role as President of the Tasting Commission, primarily for the Grosseto Chamber of Commerce and then for Valoritalia for DOC/DOCG Wines of the Grosseto province.

Since 2019 she is member of the Scientific Committee of O.N.A.V. (National Organization of Wine Tasters) and in October 2021 she was designated by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry as a member of the National Wine Committee. Since 2022, by designation of the above Minister, she has been appointed as Vice Chair of the Appellate Tasting Committee of DOCG and DOC wines.

Cà du Ferrà finally meets Graziana Grassini, internationally renowned oenologist. AND IT’S IMMEDIATELY ART.

Sometimes, a glance is enough to acknowledge each other. To rediscover something of oneself from someone else and discuss freely about it. In this way, you can discover a part of yourself that was missing, something you had been searching for without knowing it.

The meeting between Davide Zoppi and Giuseppe Aieta, owners of “Cà du Ferrà” winery in Bonassola (La Spezia), with Graziana Grassini, an internationally acclaimed enologist, had the effect and impact of a piece of art; a meeting that only happens with souls who are similar. A mutual infatuation that can only lead to unexpected surprises.

“The human aspect in my work is fundamental – Graziana Grassini explains – the meeting with Giuseppe and Davide was one of the most delightful ones, because we have instantly trusted each other, without forcing it. Being an enologist means to become an interpreter of the producer’s philosophy and to understand the story of a territory, merging them together so to convert them into sensorial experiences, exposing the most emotional element of wine. If the pleasure of being together is missing, there is nothing on the table.”

The first interaction between the internationally renowned enologist and Cà du Ferrà was like a spark. “We were captured by her profile and wanted to involve her in our project of professional and personal growth,” says Giuseppe Aieta. “We did not expect that she would agree to collaborate with us, basically from the beginning. We found a humble and gentle person which is rare in this profession“.

Davide Zoppi confirms the charm of the first meeting. “Already from Graziana’s warm and welcoming voice, I understood that we could trust her; she conquered us at the first encounter. Her curriculum spoke for itself, but we found a special person in her. There are excellent roots for doing great things together.”

Therefore, the human aspect for Enologist Grassini is definitely the starting point for establishing strong relationship.

“One aspect that distinguishes me from other colleagues is the ability to establish long relationships. I’ve been looking at companies for more than 20 years, with whom I have established relationships built on respect and trust. Although science has an important value in this business and I consider myself a woman of science, wine still needs to be perceived. Applying the rules is not enough. I accepted the task of collaborating with this wonderful company after tasting its wines. I have already contributed to refining some labels. I believe that an important step forward has already been taken to  improve the quality, but especially to make Cà du Ferrà wine more and more recognizable, thanks to everyone’s work and involvement.”

Being recognizable for Ca’ du Ferrà’s wine is one of the most important goals. To achieve it, the two brave owners opted for not only the great professional and human qualities of Grassini but also an original and innovative way of communication aims to surprise.  The idea is to  surprise and it is based on the same ideals and the same way of looking at the world that unites Davide, Giuseppe and Graziana.

This new partnership relies on innovative graphics. The ‘details’ contributed by Davide, Giuseppe, and Graziana compose a unique image with perfectly harmonized shapes and colors. A collection of vibrant fragments, with sinuous shapes, that compose a single picture. A unique picture that summarizes in a single view the natural harmony and the potential of this new collaboration but which will be talked about for a long time.