The vineyards and the wine cellar

The vineyards

The vineyards of Cà du Ferrà, cultivated in rows and pergola style, look out to the sea, kissed by the sun and the salty breeze. The vineyards, all facing south, spread over 4 hectares in various areas at different altitudes.

Indeed, in a region where viticulture is heroic in itself, the farm effort is even greater due to the fragmentation of the land. But the natural landscape, where the grass waves – the famous “terraces” – meet the sea waves, is worth every effort.

Cà du Ferrà’s vineyards are all multi-varietal, with Vermentino, Albarola and Bosco plants, among the whites, and Sangiovese, Merlot, Ciliegiolo, Syrah, Granaccia and the rare Vermentino Nero plants, among the reds.

The microclimate of the area, with mild temperatures and a constant breeze cradling the vines, facilitates the lush growth of the grapes. The altitude of the different vineyards and proximity to the sea gives a mineral taste and rock scents to the wines.

The cellar

Like every winery, Cà du Ferrà has made its cellar the heart of everything.

This little green house, opened in spring 2018, is located in San Giorgio, below one of Bonassola’s vineyards, convenient to reach, even by car.

The winery, nestled in an olive grove and surrounded by aromatic and fruit trees, dominates a soft roadside knoll 400 meters above sea level. It houses steel tanks, only, to maintain the fragrance and specificity of the aromas, to be found later on in the glass, which can be sipped on the spot as well.

The Cà du Ferrà cellar is not only the cornerstone of the winery’s wine production, but also a place to enjoy, where every occasion is good for a toast. Open every day, it hosts friends and all those who would like to taste the wines produced directly on site, or to participate in public, educational events, or simply choose this place for private events, including weddings.