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The grapes from which this exquisite wine is produced, ripen on the the delicate slopes shaping Bonassola hills. Bosco variety vigor, Albarola sinew, along with Vermentino persuading notes, create an endearing blend of fruity and spontaneous herbs scents, introducing an enveloping, intense and satisfying sip. The sun, the wind and the untamable stone are the main characteristics of a deeply Ligurian wine.

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Juicy and tasty Vermentino, telling a story about sea breeze and Mediterranean forest. A cultured and sophisticated wine which encloses the essence of a territory that feeds on sunlight and sea. A praise dedicated to the hardcore resolve of men who are bound firmly to this Land by deep roots, sucking up from thousands-years-old crystals and breathing in salt air.

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Rubino intenso. Fruttato, caratterizzato da note di melograno, lampone e ciliegia rossa. Vivace ed armonico, di buona struttura e lunga persistenza

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Delicatamente ambrato
Floreale e fruttato. Le note di ginestra si fondono con le note di frutti gialli canditi, lievi le note di piante officinali
Di buona consistenza, ottimo equilibrio tra la nota dolce e l’acidità, le note floreali e fruttate percepite all’olfatto vengono qui confermate. Il finale si presenta lungo e persistente

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Grappa Bonazolae

Grappa l’Intraprendente


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